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It's been a while since the last post. 2021 kind of came and went, didn't it? Still, we managed to find some bright lights here and there.

In November, I released a project near and dear to my heart alongside bandmates Becca Stevens, Gisela João, Louis Cato, and Michael League called MIRRORS. Each of us wrote a song with one another, then we brought those songs to the group and produced them together.

Here's the song Louis and I wrote together for the album. It's called "Weary," and Louis sings his ass off.

In other big news on the Snarky Puppy front, we just recorded a new album - filmed and in front of people! Like this one:

It's going to be called Empire Central, and we went back to Texas to where it all began - Dallas, TX to be exact. From seeing and performing with old friends (Cleon, Gino, and Sput, on drums) and reconnecting with old mentors (Bernard Wright!!) to the vibe and direction of the songwriting and playing, it's going to be a record that shows full circle where the band came from and where it's gone. We're all real excited about it.

While the album is in the incubator, we'll be hitting the road and putting some miles on the new tunes. And for about a month of that touring, we'll be opening for none other than Steely Dan!

Thanks for reading! Hope you give the new music a spin, and I'll look for you out on the road somewhere.


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