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New Album

Hello everyone. Today, I'm sharing a beautiful collection of short pieces written for organ by Flor Peeters that I have arranged and adapted for synthesizers. I have always been passionate about these works, but in light of the recent murder of George Floyd and the resulting outcry of protests for justice from the Black Lives Matter movement, the pieces took on a deeper meaning, becoming a series of meditations. The artwork by øjeRum, entitled "Humanity in Ruins," only served to make me further consider our responsibility to each other and the potential results when we forget. For the month of June, any proceeds from this album will go directly to Campaign Zero, an organization working to end police violence in the United States. I hope this music can be a source of contemplation, hope, and peace for the listener. Click on the artwork above to visit my Bandcamp page where you can listen and purchase the album. Thanks for listening. J

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