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Secret Place sheet music available!

Hey everyone,

I sincerely hope that everyone is staying healthy in this strange time in which we're living right now. With shows and tours cancelled, musicians everywhere are creating music from home more than ever, finding new and creative ways to express themselves and have their voices heard. I'm excited to announce that today, on the one year anniversary of the release of my debut album Secret Place, I have published a collection of sheet music of all the songs from the album. With the help of Andreas Häberlin, we have done our best to accurately represent these songs in written form as well as present them in a format that can be performed by a variety of ensembles. These scores, as well their respective parts, are available as individual titles or as a collection (for a discount 😁). I hope that these songs can inspire your creativity, and I look forward to hearing fresh interpretations of them down the road!



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